Large Weldment Laser Inspection
Large Weldment Laser Inspection

Signal’s Quality Assurance & Control comprises administrative and procedural activities implemented so that requirements and goals for our product, service or activity will be fulfilled. Our dedication to a Quality Culture is demonstrated at all levels of management and supervision. Our ethical standards, and their reference to a quality orientation, are evident in all we do.

Welding activities are closely monitored from initial testing and training which include welder qualifications, both to AWS D1.1, and ASME, monitoring of production welding, welding filler metal control, and post weld heat treatment. We incorporate our FARO laser Tracker for difficult fit up jobs to ensure accuracy during early stage fabrication. Our in house welder training program is done in both practical and classroom settings to help ensure a higher standard of welding quality.

Machining activities are monitored throughout the process and final inspection ensures all measurements meet drawing requirements. We incorporate our FARO Arm and Tracker as needed for precise inspection points both during the machining process and for final inspection. FARO charts can be supplied if required by our customers.